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Felipe, it's so nice to speak with you today. Let's begin with an introduction for our readers: who are you, what sort of work do you make, and where are you based?

So, my full name is Felipe Queiroz, I'm a 24 year old self-taught 3D artist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I work mainly with 3D illustration and animation. Primarily my clients are from the music industry. I've worked on album art, events design and music videos.

When did creativity enter your life? Is there a moment where you realized you wanted to be someone who makes things?

Well I guess I've always been creative in some way. Back when I was 14-15 I LOVED electronic music. I used to have a DJ Controller and would create some nice DJ sets and stuff. I never released any of it. Later I started learning piano and music production. Unfortunately with college and internships I kinda stop playing the piano and making music. I guess what started with music developed into visual art. =)

It's interesting that with so many of the institutional pressures we face in our society, our creative drive is often suppressed, pushed aside, considered frivolous compared to a "real" job. I believe that the internet, and smartphones, have created a culture online that values visual art, because it's that art that makes our online world worth exploring. Do you have any thoughts about those ideas?

Yes 100%. I feel that people are more open to consume visual art than audio art per say. So I can imagine that expressing yourself through music using media platforms primarily focused on visual can be a bigger challenge for sure. To me what prevented me the most from sharing my work back then was judgment. You can imagine that for a 15 year old kid, it's not that easy to, "not care what other people think."

I had the same experience. Friends that laughed off my photos now ask me for help creating content for their companies. It's important to push through the doubters, because the interesting things happen only at the edges of what is possible. Speaking of the edges- it's amazing what is happening in #NFTs right now. What has your experience been so far in this world? And are there any listings you have open that the audience can check out?

CryptoArt and NFTs are just amazing. Not only from a technological point of view (having a background in software engineering this specific point amazes me), but for the whole cultural change its kickstarting. I can spend the whole day talking how amazing this space is, but to keep it short, I would love do double down on COMMUNITY. I've never felt so welcomed and included in my life. I had opportunities to chat with *amazing* artists who I've been following for years from a far, and now we are friends. The atmosphere is amazing. I haven't talked to a single toxic person inside this space..... again i could keep going on and on and on about this.

On the other hand I would love to point you the Mental Health side of things. It's one hell of an earthquake to artists mental health. It's a subject that I find EXTREMELY important and needs to be addressed. I would love to point out the "Heal The Deal" project by Maalavidaa. A discord channel focused on mental health for the cryptoart space.

I'm also moderator on weekly clubhouse rooms with both @maalavidaaa and @Ness_Graphics called "CryptoArt Mental Health Talk". It's been AMAZING to see how many people are joining weekly to share their experiences. It's been super rewarding to be able to help the community in that sense.

Wonderful. And amazing what you guys are doing to help protect the mental health of the community, it's another thing I have deep personal experience with, so I'd love to promote those rooms and contribute in anyway. Those two are some of my favorite artists in the space as well.

If this trend continues, and artists are enabled to create independently and have access to drastically increased funding, how do you think this can change the world?

Well, the basic and more obvious reflection would be actual decent budget for commissioned projects. As a freelancer I get hundreds of trash proposals that sometimes I have to accept for money's sake. Now with cryptoart and artists actually being paid for their craft, I think that overall the world will need to adjust a bit to get us to do commissions. So its positive on that sense.

The other impact is for sure on our creative voices. For a long long long time we felt that no matter the content we put out on social media we would always be suppressed somehow. Both due to the algorithms as well as the way that social media behaves in general. There is not much space for deeply thought-out concepts on Instagram when people are scrolling faster than the speed of light. So I feel that art is being consumed and digested in a better and more genuine way with CryptoArt. This motivates us to SPEAK. To work on deeper and more impactful concepts. These things usually don't have much space on IG.

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Very well thought out. I love what you have to say about the potential for this world changing technology. Let's wrap up with a question to help other creatives. What advice would you give to someone who is eager to dive into a life of creativity?

For creativity in general I would say to experiment!!!! You never know what is the, "creative thing" you will like the most. I tried DJing, music production (specifically, playing the piano), drawing and programming. After all this 3D art was the one that got to me the most. So yeah... experimentation is KEY. And of course have fun while experimenting. There is no pressure to choose something right away. =)

Awesome! So nice chatting with you and I wish you all the success in your creative endeavours. To the reader, make sure to catch up on everything Fesq is up to on his website. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter and you can collect his work on Makers Place, Known Origin, and Foundation.

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