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  • 06/20/2021 @ 10:19 AM

For years now, I've been following the work of Italian artist Annibale Siconolfi, AKA Inward. The worlds he creates seemed ripped from the pages of science fiction, vast in their scale, deep in their imaginative expanse. I'm honored to share a small part of his story with you all today here. Without further delay, let's hear from the artist in their own words.

Can you begin by introducing yourself to our readers? Your name, where you are from, and the mediums you work in?

I'm Annibale Siconolfi, also know as Inward. I'm a 3D artist and architect from Italy. During my life I experimented with other fields of art too, such as sound design. I think visual art and sound design have so many elements in common. For example, the saturation, the use of noise, compression etc.

I studied Architecture in Rome where I visited so many ancient ruins that inspired me a lot. I'm also influenced by the work of big architects like Le Corbusier, F. L. Wright, Louis Etienne Boullée, Antonio Sant'Elia etc.

Also I'm a big fan of writers like Philip K Dick, Asimov, Italo Calvino. They inspired me a lot as well. 3D art for me is the point where all the experiments I have done converge.

I've worked for musicians, architects, directors and writers around the world. Recently I'm mostly focused on cryptoart.

The scale of your pieces is so incredible. It’s interesting to hear you are a trained architect, what a powerful skill to assist you in building such rich worlds.

Where do the roots of an idea begin for you? Do you see an idea in your head and then create it or do you play with ideas in real-time and go from there?

Usually I start from a vision I had during the day or night and try to realize it in as much detail as possible. The artwork is finished when it matches with my initial vision. The fun thing is that every time I have to find a new technique to realize the vision I had in my mind, so I start to experiment with Cinema4D until I find a good solution.

That’s so cool- that learning something new is imbedded in your process, that way you always can push things a bit further!

Do the scenes you create exist in the same universe or are there many realities that you create visions of?

Most of my scenes are set on planet Earth. I like to represent different visions of the future, positive and negative. But it's not a distant future- I always try to think of them in a temporal position not too far from us. In this way the viewer can enjoy it more.

A future that is closer than ever, since technology accelerates at such an exponential rate...


So let’s talk about Utopia vs. Dystopia. First, which do you think we are headed for? Second- tell us more about your upcoming drop on Nifty Gateway!

I can’t know exactly, but some problems are visible to everyone.. As an architect I pay attention to some themes like overpopulation and the saturation of the urbanized lands in many parts of the world. On the other hand I'm convinced that technology will help humanity, and we have to trust it more. I try to talk about those themes through my artworks.

My drop on Nifty Gateway is exactly about this, two visions of the future, dystopic and utopic. And every edition (open, drawings, auctions) will have each of the versions.

I worked on this project together with the guys from Nifty Gateway and they liked the idea immediately. I think it's the best way to present my work to the collectors. There is also a special prize for the owner of one complete series, for example, if you collect 1 utopic open edition + 1 utopic drawings + 1 utopic auction.

What is your earliest memory of your own creative drive? And was creativity encouraged in your early life? Or did you have to swim upstream?

The artistic path was really natural for me. I spent hours and hours on drawings when I was a child, and at the age of 10 I started playing the guitar. Then I discovered sound design and that changed my life, I dedicated a lot of time to experiments with sounds and techniques that have expanded the boundaries of my perception. But the most important moment was definitely my University studies in Architecture, it really changed my vision of the world.

I love the fact that you have taken your Architecture training so much further than just concepts for the real world. In fact, you are an architect of new worlds, building a story and entire scenes where we can imagine life playing out in all its complexities. Do the ideas you come up with for your artworks make their way back into your architecture work in any way?

Honestly I don't work as architect now, I'm completely focused on my art at the moment, but my work aroused so much interest in the Architecture world, I was invited to some public debate in Italy and some really exciting things will happen soon, though I can't say much more now. Also one time I was contacted by a really big investor, who wanted my collaboration for the design of a new city but I was too focused on my art and my experimentation, so that was the end of it..

I would gladly live in a city you designed... preferably Utopia :)

Ahahah me too!

I’d love to wrap up with this question, what advice would you offer to someone who wants to pursue a career as a creative? Or something you could tell a younger version of yourself?

First of all you have to understand what you really love, and not follow the trends of the moment, those go away sooner or later. You have to study and experience what you really love. After acquiring your own method you have to take it to the extreme, and understand that with your work you are making a mark in this world and you have to do it conscientiously.

Incredible advice. Valuable to me and I'm sure for our readers as well. Good luck on your upcoming drop! To the reader, you can connect with Inward via their website, their Instagram, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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