• 10/10/2021 @ 11:21 PM

Citizens of the metaverse: Start your engines. It’s time to DRIVE.

DRIVE is an NFT Photography Collection from Dave Krugman, featuring 111 1/1 vehicles, aggregated over the course of ten years of street photography. But this project is more than just a collection- it is an ecosystem of access, a dynamic community game, and an entry ticket to a wide range of future endeavors.

Minted on a custom @manifoldxyz contract, DRIVE is broken down into the following categories.


Trophies cannot be bought. They must be won. There are 20 Trophies, representing the most rarefied visuals. Aliens, classic restorations, and strange designs abound. To win a Trophy, you must own a car, and enter it into a race event.

There will be 20 race events throughout the year, all with different mechanics designed to stimulate the imaginations of the community of holders. The first race will be the most simple, and will take place on Twitter within a week of the initial drop. Winners of races are airdropped a Trophy Car, to be held or resold back into the marketplace.


Grails are on a 24 hour auction, and will go to the highest bidders at the end of that window. There are only 8 grails, representing some of the best cars in the entire collection. If you’d like to own a premier piece of this collection, a Grail is the choice for you, citizen.


The remainder of the cars are grouped into three pricing categories. The first of these is Tier 1, with 25 cars available at .5Ξ. These cars are hand selected favorites. Here are a few examples:


The next step down in pricing is Tier 2, with 33 cars priced at .33Ξ. A great option for race entries. See a few options for sale below:


The final batch of vehicles are Tier 3 cars, 25 priced at .25Ξ

Slightly more understated visually than the other tiers, but beautiful options nonetheless. Selected options:

There are a lot of visual rarities spread throughout ALL Tiers of the collections. Some cars have qualities that are entirely unique. I won’t spoil those secrets, it is up to the community to determine what is rare, what is significant, and how these vehicles are valued over time.

The DRIVE dealership opens on Friday, September 17th, 2021, at 2 PM EST. We wish you luck in securing your favorite vehicle, and hope fate is on your side as you battle to win a Trophy.

Find the entire collection here.

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